Meeting / Community Room Policy

The meeting room of the Land O’Lakes Public Library is intended for use of library programs.  Groups may use the library meeting room upon reading and agreeing to terms of this policy.  Maximum Capacity: 100

Hours of Use:

  1. Meetings may be scheduled for times during normal business hours or when prior arrangements have been made for times when the library is not open.

Use Priorities:

  1. Any part of the library’s own programs including, but not restricted to, staff and board meetings, story hours, staff conducted film programs, staff conducted book review programs, orientation or instructional programs, etc.
  2. Any program in which the Library is a sponsor, participant or co-operator such as the Friends of the Library, book discussion groups or other library organizations, etc.
  3. The library meeting room is available for gathering of civic, social, cultural or educational character but not money raising, political or commercial purposes, unless previously approved by the Library Board.

Rules for Meeting Room:

  1. Participants must pick up the key during regular library hours at least one working day prior to the scheduled event.  The key must be returned at the end of the meeting along with the completed form. (Appendix E)  Please use the outside book drop located at the front of the building for this purpose.
  2. No smoking allowed.
  3. Non-alcoholic beverages and light refreshments are allowed.
  4. The refrigerator, microwave and 100 cup coffee pot will be available for use.
  5. Tables and chairs are to be replaced as found.
  6. The group will be responsible for any damages resulting from their use of the room.
  7. The library is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, materials, clothing or any other items brought to the library by a group or individual attending an event.
  8. The Library Board and library staff do not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending a meeting at the library.
  9. Meeting space may be scheduled up to three months in advance, providing a reminder is given to the staff two weeks before the scheduled event.
  10. Arrangements for scheduling a date can be made by contacting the library and signing up on the meeting room calendar.
  11. Meeting room use will be allocated on a first come first serve basis according to the priorities outlined.
  12. The users are responsible for setup and takedown of chairs and tables, and leaving the room in the same condition it was found.
  13. The library cannot be designated as a mailing address or e-mail address by any other organization.
  14. The library will not provide storage space for any material or equipment.
  15. Groups composed of minors (under age 18) must have an adult in attendance at all times.
  16. Library staff will not handle phone calls for people using the meeting room except in cases of emergency based on a personal request.  An emergency telephone is available in the warming/work room.
  17. If the security or fire alarm is activated and it is the fault of the group using the community room, that group will be responsible for any costs resulting from the response of the Vilas County Sheriff’s Department or fire department.
  18. The closing procedure must be followed by any group using the community room.