Wireless Printing

How to connect your mobile device to a library printer.

Apple iOS and OS X devices

Our wireless print server supports all iOS AirPrint enabled devices.

  •  iPad (all versions)
  • iPhone (3GS or later)
  • iPod Touch (3rd generation or later)
  • Mac OS X® (Lion or later)

Apple AirPrint technology is included in all newer generation Apple devices with iOS 4.2 and later.

NOTE: iOS devices with AirPrint do not require download or installation of additional apps or software.

Windows Devices

Windows laptops, tablets, and phones (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 require installation of the Bonjour Print Wizard.

Download Bonjour Print Wizard at http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999 and install the wizard onto your device.

Run the wizard and choose the detected  available printer(s) to install on your device.

Chrome and Android devices

Chrome and Android devices require installation of a Google app with Google Cloud Print web printing service functionality.

Google Cloud Print is included in all Chrome OS and Android devices with iOS 2.3.3 and later.

For other devices the App can be downloaded from:

Once the device has the Google Cloud Print web printing service installed, you will need to click the link below to install the Black & White library printer onto your device.


The link below to install the Color printer.

For All Devices

Once the proper software is installed on the device, it is just a matter of bringing up the document or webpage you want and selecting "Print" from the devices menu.